Integrating AI into the enterprise became easier this week with multiple providers announcing enterprise-grade solutions. Google now has an enterprise Dialogflow offering and Algorithmia’s AI Layer was released to help companies scale their AI models. Checkout the full scoop below:

 1. Google launches a paid enterprise edition of its Dialogflow chatbot builder

Dialogflow, the building-block style conversational interface Google acquired as API.AI last year, has released an enterprise offering with 24/7 support, SLAs and enterprise-level terms of service.

2. Algorithmia Launches AI Layer for the Enterprise

To facilitate more AI and ML models reaching full production, the Algorithmia software was built to automate the DevOps and deployment of models with a simple API in minutes.

3. Amazon joins Facebook and Microsoft in support of open-source AI platform

“With the ONNX-MXNet Python package, AI developers will be able to keep models but switch networks, as opposed to starting from scratch.”

4. The Four Cringe-Worthy Mistakes Too Many Startups Make with Data

One of our favorite SXSW presenters Amanda Richardson, Chief Data and Strategy Officer for HotelTonight, warns against 1. Starting with Metrics Instead of a Goal 2. Rampant Personalization 3. Hiring a Dedicated Data Scientist 4. Chasing After the Latest Toolset.

5. Welcome to the era of the AI Coworker

Translators, the Washington Post’s Heliograf, ROSS Intelligence, PEMT, StoryFit and the pioneering AI tools that enhance industry workflows.

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