Despite the fear-inducing headlines, AI hasn’t yet outsmarted humans. This week an MIT team tricked an AI image reader into classifying a turtle as a gun. But Geoff Hinton may once again help accelerate the field to increase the quality and speed of  AI. Read Wired’s full coverage of the story, plus other top AI stories:

1. Google’s AI Wizard Unveils A New Twist on Neural Networks

Geoff Hinton released a disruptive report on a “capsule network” approach to machine learning. Capsules — small groups of crude virtual neurons —  are designed to understand that an object is the same when seen from a new viewpoint, decreasing the amount of data a model requires for sufficient training.

2. A Lack of Cybersecurity Talent Is Driving Companies to Use AI against Online Attacks

One such company is Booz Allen Hamilton, which is utilizing AI to more efficiently allocate human security resources. AI triages the firm’s threats so that workers can focus their efforts on only the most critical attacks.

3. IBM Watson will clean enterprise data for your AI apps

“The key to AI starts with a strong data foundation,” said Derek Schoettle, general manager of IBM Watson Data Platform. “For companies to innovate and compete with AI, they need a way to grasp and organize data coming in from every source, and to use this complete index of data as the backbone of every decision and initiative.”

4. Google Chairman: China Will ‘Dominate’ US in AI By 2030

Eric Schmidt warned that China was on track to surpass the US in artificial intelligence by 2025 and to ‘dominate the industry’ by 2030 – unless American minds change their approach.

5 .When AI becomes too big to fail

A thought-provoking read on the Financial Stability Board’s review of AI in financial services. As with adding AI in the loop with any system, adequate testing and training is crucial.

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Photo Credit: University of Toronto

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