This Week in AI hot off the press! This week’s focus is preparing your enterprise for AI digital transformation. Be sure to check out LinkedIn’s model on educating their entire engineering organization to be AI-first. If you’re looking for a longer weekend read, check out the MIT Technology Review. Their entire November/December magazine is titled “The Artificial Intelligence Issue”.

1. How to Spot a Machine Learning Opportunity, Even If You Aren’t a Data Scientist

Repetitive tasks are ideal opportunities for supervised learning including prediction and classification. Success requires “a shift in the perspective on how work gets done. It entails using past work — all that human judgment and subject matter expertise — to create an algorithm that applies that expertise to future work.”

2. Executives must understand AI before their company can be AI capable

Six quality questions for executives to discuss in preparation for their AI digital transformation.

3. Tech Giants Are Paying Huge Salaries for Scarce A.I. Talent

An inside look into just how high some salaries are climbing to win top A.I. specialists. Author’s note: Digital Nebula’strives to alleviate talent constraints by augmenting your existing engineering staff with our team of AI Engineers.

4. LinkedIn plans to teach all its engineers the basics of using AI

LinkedIn’s internal AI academy prepares its developers to deploy intelligent models in the company’s products. This helps all of LinkedIn’s engineering staff keep intelligent capabilities front of mind during development and preserves highly-technical ML work for their subject matter expert staff. This is a compelling model for AI-first enterprises.

5. For a dollar, an AI will examine your medical scan

With a plethora of image data, interpreting medical scans is the perfect application for AI. Zebra-Med’s tech helps radiologists find heart, liver, bone and other 8 diseases. Certain algorithms can even read scans and tell radiologists exactly what percentage of an organ is being effected by a given disease.

Have a great weekend!

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