AI optimists agree the best use cases for AI are high volume, low creativity tasks. A couple of stories this week from Adobe and Emergence Capital Partners discussing their strategies for retaining the human touch in AI and the enterprise. Also be sure to check out Jeff Dean’s Lecture for YC AI.

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1. Adobe says it wants AI to amplify human creativity and intelligence

With a focus on integrating AI into existing tools over building a dedicated AI platform, Adobe unveiled more details about Sensei, Adobe’s AI engine. These functions will include image searching and performing tasks by voice command.

2. AI can take over our mundane tasks. Here’s how human workers can learn new, more stimulating skills.

Gordon Ritter, early investor in Salesforce, advises enterprises on leveraging AI with the “coaching cloud”. “The key ingredient of the coaching cloud is software that… acts as a real-time, on-the-job coach, guiding employees to successful outcomes, and in the process gathering new data that’s then fed back into the system.”

3. The BBC is turning to AI to improve its programming

In a five-year research partnership, the BBC will work with eight universities across the UK to leverage machine learning to understand viewer habits and experiment with object-based broadcasting.

4. Google’s AI Can Make Its Own AI Now

In self-referential fashion Google has announced a research project called AutoML, machine learning software that develops machine learning software. It doesn’t get more meta than that!

5. Weekend Watch: Jeff Dean’s Lecture for YC AI

Prolific engineer and leader of the Google Brain project, Jeff Dean, shares a high-level overview of Google’s deep learning projects and tools.

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