Partnership is the name of the game This Week in AI. AWS, Facebook and Microsoft announced partnerships to streamline model development. A big report on AI in the Enterprise revealed some telling stats about where organizations are placing their focus for their AI strategies. There’s also a case study from the airline industry.

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1. State of Artificial Intelligence for the Enterprise

In a study by Teradata, the 260 IT and business decision-makers surveyed anticipated a new c-suite roll is critical for AI strategy. “The top three challenges where businesses expect AI to drive revenue are product innovation/research and development (50 percent), customer service (46 percent), and supply chain and operations (42 percent).”

2. AWS and Microsoft announce Gluon, making deep learning accessible to all developers

“The new deep learning library, called Gluon, allows developers of all skill levels to prototype, build, train and deploy sophisticated machine learning models for the cloud, devices at the edge and mobile apps.” With prior deep learning engines, complex algorithms could result in model training taking days or weeks. Gluon enables developers to perform model training one step at a time.

3. Microsoft and Facebook’s open AI ecosystem gains more support

In an effort to eliminate the barriers between machine learning software, Microsoft and Facebook have designed ONNX (or Open Neural Network Exchange), allowing developers to jump between AI engines at various stages of development. This project is a great example of the Partnership in AI in action. (Apple, Amazon, Google and IBM are also members of the Partnership in AI.)

4. How the 4 Largest Airlines Use Artificial Intelligence

A deep dive study of how American, Delta, Southwest and United use AI to serve their customers and improve operations. Three reoccurring trends: AI assistants, smart logistics and facial recognition.

5. Alibaba Aims to “Master the Laws” of AI and Put Virtual Helpers Everywhere

Chinese tech companies continue heavy investment into AI. Alibaba’s CTO announced a $15 billion into their new DAMO Academy (DAMO stands for Discovery, Adventure, Momentum, and Outlook) with a focus on AI, finch and quantum computing.

Graphic credit: Inside Big Data

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