This Week in AI we focus on where to start with your AI strategy and the biggest industry opportunities. Be sure to check out MarketandMarket’s major predictions for the Fintech industry in section two. With a plethora of data and strict compliance, AI systems are ideal solutions for Fintech.

1. Tip: Know When To Automate With Artificial Intelligence

Have you identified your company needs an AI strategy, but not sure where to start? Analyst R “Ray” Wang shares six factors to consider: repetitiveness, volume, complexity, physical presence, time to complete and nodes of interaction.

2. Fast Facts: AI’s Value Will Grow 500% In One Industry

A study by MarketsandMarkets predicts the AI market value for Fintech in 2022 will be over $7 billion. In short: invest in AI infrastructure now to stay ahead of your competitors and provide the best experience for your customers.

3. 3 Ways AI Is Changing Medicine

AI’s capacity to consume large amounts of data and detect patterns make it an ideal healthcare partner. From fighting cancer to overcoming blindness, top tech companies are applying their solutions to healthcare systems to provide doctors with additional tools to fight disease.

4. Why You May Be Looking at AI All Wrong

The hype and doomsday scenarios surrounding AI continue to top the headlines. At Digital Nebula we see the optimistic sides of AI, and this article highlights the opportunities for AI to augment intelligence and empower your workforce. ICYMI: A case study from Amazon.

5. Facebook Heads to Canada for the Next Big AI Breakthrough

Another big AI research center announced this week, this time led by Facebook. The social network will follow in the footsteps of Google’s quest for talent in Canada, with their center based in Montreal, focusing on reinforcement learning for language.

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Photo Credit: R “Ray” Wang – Constellation Research
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