This Week in AI is back! It was an exciting week for hardware announcements with AI taking a heavier hand in Apple products. On the research side BCG and MIT Sloan Management Review released a large study on the steps execs need to take to develop their AI strategy. At Digital Nebula HQ we’ve been hard at work on our latest product, Rooster Chat. As an email subscriber you have early access to sign up here: Feedback welcome as always!

Here’s the latest:

1. Apple’s “Neural Engine” Infuses the iPhone with AI Smarts

Apple’s new A11 “neural engine” processor in the iPhone X is specifically designed to accelerate complex computations such as machine learning algorithms. This is an important move for the company with its increasing focus on augmented reality and image recognition.

2. Reshaping Business with Artificial Intelligence

Boston Consulting Group and MIT Sloan Management Review released an insightful study from their survey of 3,000 technology executives. Intriguingly 84% believe AI will allow their companies to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage, but only about one in five companies have incorporated AI in some offerings or processes.

3. As Amazon Pushes Forward With Robots, Workers Find New Roles

No employees were laid off when Amazon brought in robots to replace the manual work of warehouse staff. A case study on how to keep your organization ahead of the curve, and retrain your team for new roles within the organization.

4. IBM, MIT partner on $240M Watson AI Lab to study AI’s impact and build new tools

Big money continues to be infused into AI-focused labs, as we’ve shared in the past. This week it’s IBM and MIT investing in a 10-year project focused on hardware, software, and algorithms.

5. John Deere spent $300 million on a company that murders weeds with AI

AI is proving its value in every industry. With John Deere’s acquision they plan to increase the autonomy of their tractors. This will enable tractors to recognize crops, and have a unique response from one crop to the next.

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