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Now on to the news of the week:

1. Microsoft just officially listed AI as one of its top priorities, replacing mobile

The company’s annual report referenced AI six times, up from zero in 2016. The corporate vision statement was also updated with a focus on “building best-in-class platforms and productivity… infused with AI.”

2. IBM Claims Big Breakthrough in Deep Learning

IBM has announced new processing power to expanding deep learning potential. The software increases capacity from a single eight-processor server to now divvy up tasks to 64 total servers with eight processors each, which can boost performance some 50 to 60 times.

3. Andrew Ng’s Next Trick: Training a Million AI Experts

Comparing the need for deep-learning engineers to the introduction of electricity and the prevalence of electrical engineers, Andrew Ng launched his new deep-learning course on Coursera, the platform he founded in 2012. Ng speaks often about the importance of retraining our workforce for AI to reach its full potential.

4. Facebook finishes its move to neural machine translation

Facebook now uses CNN and RNN context-focused models to automatically translate content across the social network. Facebook has seen about a 10 percent jump in translation quality. Google and Microsoft have also initiated the shift to neural machine translation in the last year.

5. An AI ‘nose’ can remember different scents

Is there anything AI can’t do? Russian researchers are using deep learning neural networks to build a database of scents similar to an electronic “nose”. The goal of this project is to sniff out potential scent-based threats and prevent hazardous exposure.

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