1. AI expert: Worry more about jobs than killer robots

This week while Zuckerberg and Musk shared snide comments about the future of AI, Andrew Ng, formerly of Coursera and Baidu, turned the focus of the conversation toward job displacement. “As an AI insider, having built and shipped a lot of AI products, I don’t see a clear path for AI to surpass human-level intelligence,” he said. “I think that job displacement is a huge problem, and the one that I wish we could focus on, rather than be distracted by these science fiction-ish, dystopian elements.” Overhauling the education system, universal basic income and retraining workers within their industry are some solutions being discussed in various tech circles. Canada’s tech ecosystem seems to be figuring it out with a report this week stating that job opportunities in AI have grown by nearly 500%. How is your enterprise preparing to reskill employees?

2. Inside the development of Erica, Bank of America’s AI-powered bot

Enterprise AI Case Study: 10 months ago Back of America dedicated a team of 100 people to building Erica, a voice- and chat-driven product designed to help customers manage their financial lives using predictive analytics and cognitive messaging. After completing the initial vision for the product in this aggressive timeline, Erica is now in beta testing to train and refine the NLP built into the system. We’ll continue monitoring their progress as a case study on how to integrate AI technology into enterprises with an agile approach.

3. A computer was asked to predict which start-ups would be successful. The results were astonishing.

Eight years ago Quid AI’s CEO Bob Goodson accepted a challenge to build a computer program to predict 50 unknown startups to dominate the market. Today twenty percent of the companies chosen have reached billion-dollar valuations including Evernote, Spotify, Etsy and Zynga. While venture capital has historically been void of computational investment decision making, a report like this may have them changing their approach.

4. How AI Can Help Close the Security Gap

Scaling security resources to support the growing number of digital threats can be a daunting feat. If leveraged correctly, AI can help close the gap between the growing threat landscape and our cyber-defense capabilities. Through locating all of the devices on a network to performing risk analysis across hundreds of variables and systems these AI tools enable administrators to prevent and protect your infrastructure.

5. Top Technology Players Continue The Race To The Top

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