1. Tech giants acquired 34 AI startups in Q1 2017

Google took the lead with 11 acquisitions, followed by Apple, Facebook and Intel, according to a report by CB Insights. 2017 Q1 AI investments had twice the amount of activity in 2016. (Read more about Google’s new AI investment platform, the first of its kind for Google aimed at a specific type of technology.)

2. HSBC partners with AI startup to combat money laundering

Efficiency monitoring compliance is one of the greatest opportunities for Enterprise AI. This week HSBC announced it is partnering with Silicon Valley-based artificial intelligence startup Ayasdi Inc to automate some of its compliance processes, specifically automating anti money-laundering investigations.

3. Is China Outsmarting America in A.I.?

The Chinese government and private firms are investing billions into AI. The New York Times covers one AI researcher’s story of choosing to build his lab in China.

4. Google’s ‘godlike’ AlphaGo AI retires from competitive Go after defeating the world number one 3-0

AlphaGo update: the computer algorithm defeated the world’s top player on Saturday to win the best of three match. Google’s DeepMind team now plans to retire AlphaGo and focus on conquering some of the world’s most complex challenges.

5. An A.I. in London is Writing Its Own Music and It Sounds Heavenly

Folk music, organ chords and Bach, as interpreted by AI. Enjoy!

What to Watch: Apple’s annual developer conference kicks off this Monday, June 6 and the web is buzzing with speculation about what’s ahead. From Fast Company: WWDC Preview: Four Platform Upgrades, AI Everywhere, And Maybe A Siri Speaker.

Photo Credit: CB Insights

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