1. Big week for Google at I/O 2017

While there weren’t any major new product announcements, Google made it clear that they’re betting big on AI:

2. The Partnership on AI adds Intel, Salesforce and others as it formalizes Grand Challenges and work groups

In an effort to share best practices, the benefits and risks of AI, more leading tech companies have joined The Partnership on AI. The consortium is hosting the AI Grand Challenge to incentivize researchers to overcome key roadblocks and address social and societal ramifications of the field.

3. Elon Musk Just Unveiled Breakthrough AI Research. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Musk’s non-profit OpenAI built an artificially intelligent system that detects objects in reality, observes a human demonstrating a virtual simulation then imitates the task in a real-world setting. The remarkable feature is that the imitation takes place after only one demonstration.

4. 5 ways companies should use AI

Where should you start in your AI strategy? Business intelligence, chatbots, localization, personalization and automation are five obvious routes. (Digital Nebula can advise you how. Place your request here for a free 30 minute discovery call.)

5. AI Success Stories From Across Industries

Photo Credit: Google

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