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1. Microsoft Brings Customization to its Pre-Built AI Services

Image recognition, video indexing, sentiment analysis and gesture-recognition are a few of the rich new tools Microsoft has released at it’s annual developer conference, Build. The new functionalities, built on existing Microsoft services, are aimed at helping non-experts use machine-learning capabilities to increase automation and improve their businesses. At Build Microsoft also announced they are getting into the smart assistant game with a Cortana-powered speaker called The Invoke.

2. Echo Show Highlights Amazon’s Dominance in Home AI Technology

Adding to its family of voice-activated devices Amazon released the Echo Show, a smart home assistant with a video display (available June 28, 2017). The Echo Show will specialize in bringing the most frequently requested information front and center in your home including calendar, weather, entertainment, shopping lists and hands-free video calls.

3. From coding to cancer: How AI is changing medicine

Cancer diagnosis, monitoring health records, reading data from wearables and many additional data points present a vast frontier of opportunity for AI to improve healthcare. The market for artificial intelligence in health care and the life sciences is projected to grow by 40 percent a year, to $6.6 billion in 2021, according to estimates from Frost & Sullivan.

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4. SeedLegals’ automation aims to replace lawyers in startup funding rounds

We’ve seen many disruptive uses of AI in legal work, but SeedLegal’s approach is particularly innovative. By automating paperwork for negotiating and closing a funding round online, SeedLegal suggests having a lawyer involved in the process becomes optional. Decreasing funding rounds from months to a few days could do wonders for keeping startups alive and innovation surging forward.


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