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Work with our expert engineers and data scientists to design custom A.I. solutions for your business.

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Leverage a digital workforce. Use our suite of A.I. tools to automate your tedious tasks and streamline processes.

A.I. Immersive Courses

Discover the opportunities in A.I. for your business. Start with a primer workshop or take a deep dive into A.I. modeling.

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See the case studies of Digital Nebula’s work in artificial intelligence.

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Read from our large collection of helpful and Informative articles by the experts in various fields.

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This Week In AI: Enterprise Bots Everywhere

Enterprises around the globe are gearing up for their AI digital transformation. To aid in this evolution new tools by top technology companies are being released every week.

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The Digital Nebula team is looking for highly-skilled Full Stack and Front End Engineers to build our first enterprise product.


About Us

Digital Nebula is ushering in the Cognitive Revolution with A.I. enterprise services. Through in-depth workshops we recover your most pressing business challenges and design a unique solution. Learn more about our process:

Interactive Workshops

Interactive Workshops

Work with our engineers and data scientists to design custom A.I. solutions for your business.

Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology

With agile methodology we develop a prototype to test and train intelligent agents.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

In rapid deployment we integrate an artificially intelligent solution into any digital channel.

Our Team

The Digital Nebula team brings over 20 years of technology integration expertise.

  • John Shaw CEO
    John Shaw CEO

    John Shaw is the CEO of Digital Nebula combining his enterprise cloud experience with power of artificial intelligence. John’s former cloud computing services company, Nimbo, was acquired in 2015 by Equinix (EQIX). John dedicates time as a mentor at Techstars, an advisor for Casabots and Cycle Computing and serves on the board of the Central Texas Angel Network.


  • Jessica Cox VP of Operations
    Jessica Cox VP of Operations

    Jessica Cox is the VP of Operations for Digital Nebula responsible for strategy, marketing and project success. Prior to Digital Nebula, Jessica launched the Galvanize Austin campus and produced the Keynote and Featured Speaker program at SXSW.

  • Justin Turner VP of Engineering
    Justin Turner VP of Engineering

    Justin Turner is the VP of Engineering with over a decade of experience leading technical teams. Most recently he was the Founder of Sales Cognition and Lead Engineer at Chiron Health running the full development cycle – from planning and development, to production and support.

  • Shannon Lewis Strategy Director
    Shannon Lewis Strategy Director

    Shannon serves as a Strategy Director for Digital Nebula. Her career has focused on technical leadership that drives company structure and culture enabling superior levels of job engagement and organizational efficiency.

  • Steve Elmore VP of Services
    Steve Elmore VP of Services

    Steve Elmore is the VP of Services at Digital Nebula responsible for building strong partner relationships and serving clients the most impactful AI solutions. Steve has a doctorate in Business Administration and an MBA in Global Management. He has worked at Cisco, nGenera, Appirio, 7 Summits, Tibco, Convo and most recently as VP of Operations and SVP of Global Services at Cerebri.

  • Katya Safford Associate Front End Engineer
    Katya Safford Associate Front End Engineer

    Katya Safford is an Associate Front End Engineer at Digital Nebula delivering a polished look to our products and services. Katya has 1.5 years of development and five years of QA experience at Chiron and W2O Group.